Now say in the worse case scenario nobody wants to donate money to support my work and I run out of money. Am I going to get a part-time job that I dont like? No. I would go and borrow money from people who are willing to lend me something (which very thankfully I think I have a few of.). Most people wouldnt do that, theyd detest the very idea of not being financially-independent and a low-life relying on someone. But to me, its very important that I lead the kind of life I want and do the things I love, a part-time job that takes hours off your day ruins that. The feeling of shamelessness on relying on others for money is much more worth making half your life or more of your life miserable, at least for me.

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Posted by He wants to be jiao liao bee! on Sunday, November 05, 2017 at 12:17PM :

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