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  • china gal : i open my leg...trump gong gong..he will way ka han...mkt erect leow..
  • Trump is a disgrace : US president and porn-star, infidelity, collusion, corruption, far has US fallen under Trump?
  • Hum supguest_5529 : Looking for pretty woman to make me happy
  • guest_5529 : Buy all stock now. If no money can sell body. pretty gak
  • Dumb Trump : Start of Global Trade War.....
  • Pretty Gal : I also born again...
  • guest_5529 : Born again with unknown guest.. Cannot find pretty woman
  • guest_3439 : Buy stock worth 1 ct
  • guest_4011 : Now can buy 4-d . Many numbers created by stocklion.
  • guest_7747 : Ka Ka buy Creative.....will become Apple in 3 years....
  • guest_4011 : Now like a baby, have to start crawling first before the legs can start walking.
  • guest_5213 : Reborned once again?
  • guest_2447 : hahaha. now like this ah
  • guest_6350 : aaa
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